Trephine Drill Kit Tissue Punch Set


Shipshape Instruments has a versatile series of dental surgical implant instruments designed to meet your highest expectations of functionality, ergonomics and reprocessing. Strength, durability, precision and exceptional design ensure that the instruments effectively become an extension of the surgeon’s hands.

8 pieces of Terphines with the following sizes, With a FREE Terphines Holder / Container

– 3mm
– 4mm
– 5mm
– 6 mm
– 7mm
– 8mm
– 9mm
– 10mm

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We ensure that all our products correspond to the international standards: Manufactured from high quality medical graded AISI 304 German Stainless Steel. Assured to meet international quality standards such as ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485 and FDA standards. Highly polished finish for aesthetic and corrosion resistance. Fully autoclavable and reusable. . .

Implant Surgery
Implantologie Surgery: Implant Terphine Drill Kit
Implantalogy Dentist Bone Scraper STR: Silver
Dentist Implantology Instruments:
Zwerg Malal Ganderer Krisher: Titanium Coated Trephine Drills
Malal Gandere Nano Krisher: Stainless Steel MPN: Bone Expansion Expander Implant Drill Kit
Punch Type: Trephine Punch Drills Brand: ShipShape Instrumants
Malal Ganderer Enano Krisher: Intended Use/Discipline: Dental Laboratory, Dentistry, Bone Expansion, Implant Drills, Implant Irrigation, Implantation, Bone Grafting, Surgery
Implantologist Instruments:
Terphine Drill Kit: Bone Graft Scoops: Stainless Steel
Dental Bone Scraper Scalers: Sinus Augmentation Procedure Tools:
Periosteal Elevators:

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