Small Animal Tools, Dog, Cat, Veterinary Spay Neutering Tools Kit


Set Of 26 Pieces Small Animal Veterinary Basic Surgery Instruments
Common Uses
.Small Animal Surgery
.Minor Procedures
.Small Animals
This kit includes the items mentioned below: 
  •  X1 Mayo Hegar Needle Holder TC 14cm
  •  X1 Mayo Hager Scissor Curved TC 14cm
  •  X1 Iris Scissor Straight TC 12cm
  •  X4 Backhaus Towel Clamp 14cm
  •  X2 Mosquito Forceps Straight 12.5cm 
  •  X2 Mosquito Forceps Curved 12.5cm
  •  X2 Kelly Forceps Straight 14cm 
  •  X2 Kelly Forceps Curved 14cm
  •  X1 Adson Brown Forceps 7:7 12cm
  •  X1 Asdon Tissue 1X2 Tooth Forceps 12cm
  •  X1 Adson Forceps 12cm
  •  X1 Surgical Scalpel Handle With X5 Surgical Blade No.15
  •  X1 Dressing Forceps 14cm
  •  X1 Tissue 1X2 Tooth Forceps 12cm

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Product Creation: We ensure that all our products correspond to the international standards: Manufactured from high quality medical graded AISI 304 German Stainless Steel. Assured to meet international quality standards such as ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485 and FDA standards. Highly polished finish for aesthetic and corrosion resistance. Fully autoclave and reusable.


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